Los Caballeros

Despite my warnings concerning the inevitable soreness that such an activity would provide, my sister really wanted to do a little tour on horseback. We were back to Tupiza in order to organize a tour in the Salar de Uyuni, we decided that we would go on another adventure for not one, nor tow, but for three days on horseback. The program was quite similar to the one I already did a few weeks before and we could slightly change it so that it would not be too repetitive for me. In any case, the second day would be completely new for me as I previously did only a two-day tour.

We left then, my sister, our guide, and myself on our stallions, slightly more obedient than the ones I had previously but there are still loads of progress to accomplish. From my unbelievably high experience with horses – two days – I was given Cascarita, a horse that apparently would rear back on its hind legs if I stopped it too strongly… Unfortunately, it would not happen during these three days, it would have been fun… or catastrophic! My sister got a lazy boy, sweetly named Tobacco whose main characteristic is its ability to drink beer. Our guide rides Apache, a splendid brown and white horse with quite an unpredictable behavior.

Los Caballeros

The first day, we passed by a place called the Valle de los Machos (Male Valley) for the suggestive shapes of the surrounding rocks… We would then head up to the Inca Canyon before joining Toroyoj where we would have a little rest for our butts and eat our lunch. We then joined our lodging in the village of Espicaya after having enjoyed a few galloping sessions on the way.

A little walk around allowed us to climb on top of the cliff next to the village, which gives us an incredible view over the whole valley. The colors are magical in this late afternoon.

The next day, we did a long and tiring trip of about eight hours on horseback. No gallop today in order not to tire the horses too much. We would go and see the Cañon del Condor where we can glimpse at these wonderful and gigantic creatures with a little bit of luck.

The third and last day, we returned to Toroyoj using another trail where we can appreciate the wonderful landscapes of the Bolivian Far West. The colors of the rocks are splendid, going from beige to ochre while featuring some black and grey as well. We went to eat in front of the Torre (the Tower), a sort of huge phallic rock that I already introduced you in a previous article.

These turkeys were way too impressive too pass by for my brave stallion…

These turkeys were way too impressive too pass by for my brave stallion…


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  1. RB says :

    Youppie des nouvelles de la partie Bolivie à cheval, magnifiques paysages et cow-boys avec fière allure.

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