Tigre is a little town north of Buenos Aires that the porteños (inhabitants of Buenos Aires) love to visit in the summer to rest and escape the overwhelming city. This is a nice and quiet little town at the south of the Rio Paraná delta. It is possible to do a little boat tour to see the houses built above the channels and appreciate the life of its inhabitants who can only move in small boats.

I personally decided to walk around in town; enjoying the riverside and observing the quite fancy streets of this town. I imagine that only wealthy people can afford to live there when I see these houses.

Pour ma part, je me suis simplement promené dans la ville, flânant au bord de la rivière et me baladant dans les rues assez chic je dois dire. J’imagine que ce sont plutôt les gens fortunés qui s’installent là-bas au vu des maisons qu’il y avait.

Many houses built above the river can be seen around Tigre

We can find several interesting museums such as the art museum that was obviously closed for renovation when I was there but that has nevertheless a nice architecture that is worth seeing!

Art Museum… close until March of course!

More astonishing and unique is the Maté museum. The Mat is the typical drink of the south of South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and south of Brasil). Here, it is a real passion and the Argentinian consume millions of kilograms of this herb per year! Argentina alone produces 310’000 tons per year. A little part is exported… to Lebanon and Syria! For some reasons, some immigrants returned to their country and would have imported this tradition with them, which is quite surprising!

Maté museum, the only one in the world apparently

In this museum, we find all sorts of jars, teacups, bombillas (the little metallic straw used to drink the maté without swallowing the herb). All forms. All colors.

Cute, no?
A huge variety of maté!
A rowing club I guess

Another interesting point about Tigre is its theme park, el Parque de la Costa! We went there one day, it was quite a blast! It compared really well to other them parks in the US or Europe. Of course, the queues were not the smallest, we are in still in Argentina and it was a holiday!

At the theme park!

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