Plaza General San Martín

The San Martin square is only a few blocks from my place, in the neighborhood just North of mine. We find a really nice park there and the statue of the famous general San Martin who was the principal leader of the revolution against Spain for the South of South America. All around the square, we can find many buildings of historical importance such as the Kavanagh tower.
Edificio Kavanagh, one of the highest buildings in the city!

The legend says that Corina Kavanagh (who made the building be built) came from a very wealthy family but did not belong to the nobility. She was madly in love with the son of a rich and aristocratic family whom she could not marry because of her lower social rank. This noble family had a palace and a church around the San Martin square. In order to get her revenge, Corina is said to have built the tower such it was not possible to see the church from the palace of the family. Just to piss off the wife of her beloved! Beautiful, isn’t it?

Monumento del Libertador José de San Martín

About nbeuchat

I am currently traveling South America to discover its culture, landscapes, and fascinating people. I am passionate about photography, scuba-diving and dancing.

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