Cementerio de Recoleta

Recoleta is a neighborhood a little bit North of where I live where the higher classes of Buenos Aires live. Back in the days, a terrible yellow fever epidemic propagated in the whole city, which forced the rich citizens out of the San Telmo and Monserrat neighborhoods. They moved North of these infected places to the Recoleta neighborhood. Nowadays, it is quite a rich neighborhood and loads of foreign embassies are located there. But Recoleta is most famous for its cemetery where the rich and important families of Argentina are buried. Presidents, generals, rich citizens among others found their last shelter in this cemetery.

The “streets” of the Recoleta cemetery

The cemetery is organized like a little town with a main square from which several streets radiate. The mausoleums are almost all of a little house size, which really gives the impression of a dead men’s city… The small shadowed streets give such a particular atmosphere to this place.

The cemetery entrance

The entrance is a masterpiece by itself. The door is splendid and contain a message from the living people to the dead outside – Requiescant in pace – and from the dead to the living inside – Expectamus Dominum.

Oh you who cry for us

Do not be abashed by the pain

Look at the life that begins

And not the one that ended

PS: More pictures are available here!

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