Plaza de Mayo

One of the important places of Buenos Aires is the Plaza de Mayo. Back in the days, Argentina was part of the Spanish Kingdom and governed by the Virrey. In 1810, Napoleon kicked the ass of Ferdinand, the King of Spain. The news spread at light speed and 3 months later, when the Argentinian finally checked their e-mails, they thought that they could well kicked the ass of the Virrey too and governed themselves their country! The events that lead to this change of government took place on this plaza by the end of May 1810, hence the name of the place.

Plaza de Mayo with the Casa Rosada and the Pirámide de Mayo

In this place, we can find the Casa Rosada, or Pink House, equivalent of the White House if I got it right. On the picture, there is also the Pirámide de Mayo, which is the oldest national monument and was erected here one year after the events of 1810 to honor the revolution.

Bringing down of the Argentinian flag.

Nowadays, there are loads of protests for about anything on the Plaza de Mayo. Apparently without any effects according to every Argentinian I met so far…

Place of protests

And place of commemoration for the soldiers who died during the Malvinas war.


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