La Plata

Jonas, my former Swedish roommate, who works for Médecins Sans Frontières, introduced me to José, one of his long-time Argentinian friends. José is quite a character;he comes from Salta in the North of Argentina and has worked as a communication engineer for YPF, an Argentinian gas company. He was as well a parachutist in the 50s, which was quite a troublesome time in the history of this country with many military coup and revolutions. Anyhow, he invited me to visit the town of La Plata, a smaller city to the South of Buenos Aires, to meet some of his friends.

José y Marino

Thus, we took the colectivo (public bus) to La Plata where we first meet Cesar, architect whose grandfather had emigrated from Switzerland in the 20s. Quite a crazy character whose house looks like a real museum! He works on lot on social and ecological projects as his mother who had the idea of buying the weapons of street kids and do an artwork with the destroyed guns.

We then meet another of José’s friend, Martin; ecologist with an impressive built but nevertheless very smart. One of his friends, Marino, an Argentinian who used to work in Paraguay for a reforestation association, met with us too. After a few beers and a good and healthy meal, we went to visit another friend – it never stops! – who has a farm 100km south of La Plata.

We are welcomed in the farm by Hugo and Pedro, a friend of Hugo (it is quite hard to follow at times). Hugo lives in a very rudimentary way, cooking everything on a little fire outside. There, we drink Maté, an infused drink typical of a few region of South America, particularly Argentina. And we drink Maté for hours and hours! Maybe I will come back here on of these week-ends to see a little bit more of the Argentinian countryside, maybe on horseback, who knows!
Un día al campo
The Maté is drank using a little metallic straw
Un día al campo

Hugo, owner of the farm

Un día al campo

We are back in Buenos Aires late with José and Marino. Marino kindly offered me to visit him in Misiones, a little bit in the North of Argentina at the border with Paraguay and Brazil. It is really close to the famous Iguazu Falls. I will probably visit him in a month or two!


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I am currently traveling South America to discover its culture, landscapes, and fascinating people. I am passionate about photography, scuba-diving and dancing.

6 responses to “La Plata”

  1. Mamouchka says :

    Trop chouette Nico surtout ta visite à ces personnages du "cru", 'adore ça, On s'y croiraitbisous maman

  2. Anonymous says :

    Que de belles rencontres dans ce pays pleins d'histoire et ce n'est pas fini car tu vas encore découvrir des personnages fascinant tout au long de cette belle aventure et ce qui est super c'est qu'on voyage à travers toi et c'est géniale. Gros bisous taty et laurine

  3. Valentina says :

    tous les endroits que tu es en train de visiter, toutes les personne que tu rencontres là bas.. ça c'est simplement magnifique!! Sembra un sogno… 🙂

  4. RB says :

    Chouette, de belles nouvelles! Tu arrives à faire d'excellentes rencontres et de chouettes visites, bravo.Me réjouis de lire la suite.Bisous, papoune

  5. Aurélie says :

    Coucou!Chouette à lire ces ptites news!!! Merci pour la photo de Marti, un vrai sex-symbole…et un régal pour les yeux ;-)C'est génial d'avoir pu rendre visite aux amis de l'ami de ton ami et de ses amis, c'est comme ça qu'on découvre vraiment un pays.Je me réjouis de lire la suite de tes aventures!Gros bisousAurélie

  6. Anonymous says :

    hello ptit veinard…on voit de voir que t'a même fais un tout en Willys Overland, le jeep en les filles ??sinon ben pour nous tout va bien 60 cm de neige, on caille, on mets des buches ds le fourneau, et on bosse..Mais on pars en Inde dans 3 semaines… na !!bisous de Minzier

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