Buenos Aires: first impressions

Here are finally a few news of my first week in Argentina! I am living in the “Microcentro” neighborhood, at the… center of Buenos Aires, a couple of steps away from the obelisk and of the famous Calle Florida. A few places such as the Plaza de Mayo, Plaza San Martin, or others, are really pretty featuring wonderful colonial buildings of French, English or Spanish style (they are an incredible amount of French style buildings in my neighborhood). Others place are much less charming and we are quickly reminded that we are in a huge city, quite the anarchy in some places and really noisy. It doesn’t bother me more than that but a little walk in town can quickly become really exhausting. Transportations are really easy to use with the 5 metro lines and the incredible amount of bus lines, or colectivos, that runs 24/7. You should just avoid taking the colectivos without aircon during peak hours…

From a safety point of view, I did not have any problem so far and I have not felt threaten at any time, even at night because there are generally loads of people in the streets even late at night. There are apparently just a few neighborhoods to avoid such as the Boca neighborhood, even by day.

La Bandera Argentina

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I am currently traveling South America to discover its culture, landscapes, and fascinating people. I am passionate about photography, scuba-diving and dancing.

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